Extrapid Manual SPE

Extrapid applies cartridge & disk types in the same unit for the treatment of both large volume and small volume samples.
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The Extrapid is the simple and economical SPE solution for both disk and cartridge applications. This manually-operated, highly-affordable instrument is easy to use and can treat up to 4 liquid samples simultaneously. The Extrapid is designed specifically for customers with limited budget and small sample load requirements.


Technical Features


v  The patented design of a switch between sample collection and waste discharge ensures a high efficient processing.

v  No need to reopen the vacuum chamber

v  No need to frequently switch on/off of vacuum pump

v  No need to wait for venting and moving collection bottles

v  No need to drain waste liquid and to clean the vacuum chamber.

v  Four channels can be used individually or simultaneously.

v  Support 1, 3, 6 mL SPE cartridges and 47, 90 mm SPE disks.

v  The control valve ensures accurate flow rate and high reproducibility.

v  Sample load flow rate is 1-45 mL/min.

v  PTFE or stainless steel materials for major parts resist corrosion caused by organic solvent.


      Standard Configurations of Each Extrapid SPE


Technical Specifications


Extrapid Manual Cartridge/Disk SPE: 1

Collection Bottle

40 mL Collection Bottle: 1

Clamp Ring

1 piece

Waste Liquid Bottle

4L Waste Liquid Bottle:

Rapid Disk

47 mm, C18 Rapid Disk: 1 pack (20 pieces/pack)


500 mg/6 mL, C18 Column:

Vacuum Pump

VP50 Vacuum Pump, 0.085 MPa, 50 L/min: 1


    Optional Accessories of Extrapid SPE



Technical Specifications

Waste Liquid Barrel

Waste Liquid Barrel: 10 L, Nalegene USA

Waste Liquid Barrel

Waste Liquid Barrel: 20 L, Nalegene USA

Sampling Glassware Device

Sampling Glassware Device: 1 L

SPE Disk

SPE Disk: 90mm, C18

SPE Disk Adapter

SPE Disk Adapter: 90 mm