AutoClean AutoGPC CleanUp System

Designed for reproducibility and ease-of-use, the AutoClean integrates an autosampler, allowing up to 120 samples to be automatically processed.
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GPC (Gel Permeation Chromatography) cleanup has proven the most versatile and convenient post-extraction sample cleanup technique for a wide range of sample matrices. GPC cleanup eliminates high molecular weight compounds such as lipids, pigments, proteins, and polymers from organic sample extracts prior to GC or GC/MS analysis. Failure to remove these interfering compounds can shorten column life and increase analytical downtime.

The AutoClean, LabTech’s GPC system, automates the GPC cleanup process for high throughput with complete reliability in a single system. Designed for reproducibility and ease-of-use, the AutoClean integrates an autosampler, allowing up to 120 samples to be automatically cleaned and collected. Sample extracts are transferred into vials and then placed in the sample tray on the autosampler module. Samples are then automatedally drawn up through precise sample loops and injected onto the GPC column for separation. High-molecular-weight materials elute from the column first and are discarded. The remaining sample with the analyte of interest collect in the sample flask on the collection tray for further processing. Late-eluting fractions, such as sulfur in soil samples, can be directed to waste after collecting the compounds of interest. The system then completely rinses in preparation for the next sample. 

Technical Features

v  Highly precise double-piston tandem pumps

v  Analytical type: 0.001-10.000mL/min Max. Pressure: 42MPa

v  Semi-preparative type: 0.01-50.00mL/min Max. pressure: 20MPa

v  Variable wavelength UV spectrophotometer: 190~600nm

v  Three-dimensional liquid processor with septum piercing capability

v  Highly efficient stainless steel gel permeation column

v  Fractionation according to time, peak, voltage, or pairwise combinations of the three

v  Ability to collect clean and reusable solvents



Technical Specifications


AutoClean with optional 254 or 280 nm fixed wavelength detector, 230V, 50Hz


AutClean with 190-600 nm variable wavelength detector, 230V, 50Hz


LabTech High Resolution Stainless Gel Purification Columns 

Compared to some types of gel purification column, which reduce the purification capacity to save time and solvent, LabTech high efficient stainless steel gel purification column meets EPA standards S-X3 gel purification filler, filling by medium pressure technology, professional filling, high column efficiency, good parallel between columns. The standard 70g filler is filled to meet the needs of the sample volume of the gel column, while saving the 2/3 of the time and solvent.


Technical Features

v  Homogenate column packed by medium pressure and column forming reproduce good purification efficiency, saving time and solvent.

v  Filler: Bio-Beads S-X3 200-400 mesh (EPA3640A)

v  Dimensions: 20 x 300mm (standard), a variety of specifications can be customized

v  Guard column: 5g filler

v  Optional: Bio-Beads S-X8 the filler purification column

v  A variety of glass column for option