Isocratic HPLC System

LabTech HPLC System is the flexible and reliable workhorse that meets your fundamental HPLC separation requirements.
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HPLC is the most widely used method for the purification and separation of the components in a sample. LabTech HPLC System is the flexible and reliable workhorse that meets your fundamental HPLC separation requirements.  The system is synonymous with dependable, routine performance and versatility.

Technical Features

v  Compact design provides flexible configurations to meet various applications.

v  High accuracy, precision, and sensitivity.

v  Small dead volume, low noise, and low drift.

v  Large LCD screen for convenient operation.

P600 High Pressure Liquid Pump

v  Sealed design for dustproof operation.

v  Special servo motor with CPLD control technique, providing high accuracy, long duration, and low noise.

v  Has extremely high accuracy and precision.

v  10 ml or 50 ml of pump head are optional.

v  The standard on-line plunger cleaning.

v  Unique flow calibration and auto-compensation technique.

UV600PLUS UV detector

v  Compact Carl Zeiss optical platform.

v  High sensitivity, extremely low noise and drift.

v  Adapted to different flow cell and can be connected with optical fiber.

v  Programmable automatic change of wavelength, wihich increases the selectivity and sensitivity.

v  Automatic wavelength calibration.

v  Can do stop-flow scan for qualitative and purity analysis.

Chromatography Workstation

v  Convenient counter-control function, you can easily control the pump and detector.

v  The digital signal collecting technique is more accurate than analog signal collecting method.

v  With powerful data processing function, you can easily complete various complicated arithmetic, such as grouping, multi-internal standard, multi-point calibration of internal standard, exponent, subtraction, etc..

v  Compatible with Office software. You can output data and spectra in Word format for analysis report with diagrams and text. And, you can output the results in Excel format for secondary calculation. Quantitative results and remark text can be saved into Access database.

v  Data are read by CDF format and in compliance with AIA standard. And, compatible with other companies' chromatography workstations, such as Agilent and Waters.

v  Advanced LIMS function for output of results to LIMS. 


v  Environmental Monitoring

v  Phamaceutical Analysis

v  Agricutural Analysis

v  Petrochemical Industry

v  Fine Chemical Industry

v  Food Quality Control

v  Life Science



Isocratic HPLC System

P600 high pressure liquid pump

Principle tandem double plunger

Flow range: 0.0019.999ml/min

Flow precision:<0.08%RSD

Flow accuracy:±1%

Maximum pressure: 42MPa

Plunger cleaning:On-line cleaning

UV600PLUS UV detector

Wavelength scope: 190600nm

 Light source: Deuterium lamp (standard), Tungsten lamp (optional)

Wavelength accuracy: ±1.0 nm

Wavelength precision: ±0.2 nm

Chromatography Workstation

 CDF data format: compatible with Microsoft Office, AIA standard, and workstations of many leading manufacturers, such as Agilent and Waters.

Settable parameters of pump, detector, and autosampler

Settable sample load method

Automatically process peak identification, baseline correction, segmentation of overlapped peaks.

Quantitative results can be output to Excel format via clipboard; Analysis records can be saved directly into an Access database.

The arithmetic program can overlap different chromatogram simultaneously.

The consumption of mobile phase can be monitored automatically.

AS600S Autosampler

Injection rage: 1µl5000µl in 1µl increment

Injection precision (˃10 µl RSD): full loop 0.3%; partial loop 0.5%; µl pickup 1.0%

Sample capacity: 2 well plates of 96 or 384 wells; 96 vials (1.5ml) or 24 vials (10ml)

Cycle time: <1min 

Dispenser syringe: 500µl

 Loop volume: 100µl

Optional cooling: 4°C

Needle wash: 1 solvent with 250ml reservoir

Column Oven

Vertical type

Temperature control range: RT-120°C

Temperature accuracy: 0.1°C

Temperature control mode: PID

LabTech chromatography column and accessories

Sweden Kromasil high pure silica packings and high quality 316L stainless steel column.
Due to optimized packing technique, the column efficiency is over 70,000 and with high symmetry.
Strict quality inspection guarantees the reproductivity of columns and batches. We supply the highest quality products for your analysis.

LabTech provides you various tubes with excellent performance and reasonable price. And, all their inner diameter tolerances are ± 0.001".

Titanium tube
ID of SS tube: 0.004", 0.005", 0.007", 0.01", 0.02", 0.03", 0.04", and 0.08". All tubes have been passivated by HNO3 and ultrasonically cleaned by methanol, which guarantee quality chromatographic analysis. Different lengths of pre-cut tubes are available.

Peek tube
ID of PEEK tube: 0.0025", 0.004", 0.005", 0.007", 0.01", 0.02", 0.03", and 0.04". The best substitute of stainless steel tube. It is biocompatible and easy to be cut. Convenient to connect with screwed fittings and tolerate high temperature. 



Upchurch LC accessories

PEEK integrated fittings and separated fittings, SS fittings and plug fittings Check valve, seal ring and plunger, repair Kit of pump of Waters, Agilent, Shimadzu, and Knauer, etc. Various tools such as stainless steel tube cutter, tube clamp and plastic tube cutter.
Rheodyne LC injection valve Various original Rheodyne SS and PEEK standard tubes Solvent filter and ultrasonic cleaner
Protection column SS union PEEK union
Anti-press modulator SS tee PEEK tee
On-line filter SS cross PEEK cross